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LED Sunset Tester






I have been wanting to play around with using Kapton sheets as a circuit base for a while now after seeing all the fun things Kobakant has been making with it (like this Ohm Broach). I decided to create a quick LED tester that I can plug right into the Arduino instead of having to hook LEDs up to a breadboard every time I want to test a sensor with output.

Check out the video below to see it in action:

Set up


Kapton sheet (as thick as you can find), Copper foil sheet, 1210/3528 SMD LEDs, 220 Ohm 1/8th watt resistors, non-metal beads, male header pins, Karl Grimm High Flex 3981 conductive thread, contact paper, double-sided tape, crimp bead, Illustrator file


Vinyl Cutter, Soldering iron and solder, scissors, needle, tweezers/small needle nose pliers

Vinyl Cut the Kapton

Cut out the Kapton on a vinyl cutter

Remove the extra Kapton

Print the traces out of the copper foil sheet

Place a the contact sheet over the traces

Press down firmly, but carefully to avoid damaging the traces

Carefully remove the contact sheet, making sure all the traces come off onto it

Place a piece of double-sided tape on the back of the Kapton to secure it down

Position the contact paper with the traces over the Kapton

Press down to stick the traces down, then carefully remove the contact paper

You’re traces should now be attached to the Kapton cut out

Solder the circuit

Gather your circuit and tools

Add solder to the gray points

Solder the 220 Ohm resistors, then add solder to the gray dots for the LEDs. Negative on top, positive on the individual points

Solder the conductive thread to the end point on the left, then solder the crimp bead to top of the header pin

Thread beads halfway up the conductive thread. Take the remaining thread on the end and pull it through the crimp bead you just soldered. Use your need to thread it through the crimp bead 2-3 times

Run the loose end of conductive thread back up through the beads and solder the other side of the thread to the end