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electronic textile camp


community, learning, residency

electronic textile camp is a residency for practitioners working at the intersection of craft, textiles, and electronics to meet, make, and learn together.

Formerly known as eTextile Spring Break, electronic textile camp is an artist-run residency for creative practitioners working at the intersection of craft, computation, textiles, and electronics. For ten days at Prairie Ronde in Vicksburg, MI, participants gather to co-create a community that sparks experimentation and nurtures creative collaboration. We welcome enthusiasts fascinated by the combination of technology and craft, whether it be material, cultural, technological, poetic, or aesthetic. We have had engineers, artists, community organizers, weavers, hackers, musicians, escape room designers, machine knitters, bioplastic enthusiasts, eTextile practitioners, and more. Cohorts share skills, engage in discussion, and explore new materials, tools, and techniques during the day, then share meals followed by an occasional karaoke night. We seek nothing less than the magic and transformation as we unravel the boundaries between fibers and bits.

To date, we have been hosted twice at the Wassaic Project - an exhibition and residency space in the Hudson Valley - and once at the Prairie Ronde Artist Residency at The Mill in Vicksburg, Michigan with almost 50 national and international residents.

electronic textile camp is the most recent manifestation of a model that weaves participants into an immersive making and learning experience. It is based on eTextile Summer Camp, an event started in 2011 by the collective Kobakant (aka Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson) and held at Les Moulins de Paillard in Poncé sur le Loir, France. For more on the history of ETC, visit our main site.

Prairie Ronde (2022)

Wassaic Project (2018-19)

2019 Cohort
2018 Cohort


Past and present organizers: Liza Stark, Nicole Messier, Lara Grant, Sasha de Koninck, and Victoria Manganiello.