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Care Processing Unit


memory, fabric speakers, quilt

Care Processing Unit (CPU) is an interactive quilt embedded with reconfigurable textile speakers, each one storing an audio remembrance.

It combines the intersecting legacies of quilting, computation, and gender to imagine alternate logics of remembering that embrace contradiction, emotion, and a human scale.

Memory is never black and white, rather it is a gray area with highlights and shadows. This project considers how digital memory systems reinforce binary and optimization narratives that leave little room for care and the messy processing it requires. CPU seeks to construct an alternative ritual for remembering grounded in the presence only a textile can offer. Historically inhabiting gendered spaces, quilts are algorithmic while embracing the complicated social, cultural, and material entanglements required for care. They store memory in layers per their construction, some visible to all, some activated by a single touch. How might bridging these digital and analog spaces through deep listening change how we remember?

The current CPU focuses on themes of motherhood, loss, and transformation. Each patch contains an embroidered textile speaker and one sonic detail. People are invited to select a patch, snap it in, then lay on the quilt, ear pressed to patch for a new story to carry with them.


Karl Grimm conductive thread, various fabrics, Teensy 3.2, Teensy audio shield, snaps, dip switches, SMD resistors.